Divine marriage of Lord Siva with Mother Parvati solemnised

Divine marriage of Lord Siva with Mother Parvati solemnised

Samikhsya Bureau

The divine marriage of Lord Siva with Mother Parvati known as ‘’sital shashti’’ was completed in all the temples of the city and suburbs with much fan fare last night.
Thousands of devotees waited for long hours to have a glimpse of the ‘Jugal Murti’ and seek their blessings for the wellbeing of their families and the entire universe.
The entire Sambalpur city wore a festive look last night with the entire area decorated with lights. Band, music, Baraat, dance, cultural troupes participated in the marriage procession of the Lord Shiva.
Lord Hanuman, Sakshi Gopinath, and other Gods of different temples accompanied Dev Dev Mahadev in his marriage procession joined by senior people of the every Pada.
The rituals of marriage ceremony was performed as per the Hindu customs and traditions. Hasta Gannthi to Dowry, everything was in the marriage similar to rituals performed in case of the marriage in Hindu Community.
Sital Sasthi is treated as harbinger of rain in Sambalpur and the neighborhood. The rain normally starts after this festival and one may believe it or not, the place gets rain drops on this occasion as a routine incident and justifies the Sital Sasthi or Cool Sasthi.
After the end of the marriage, the people and devotees are now waiting for the home coming procession where thousands of artists from different parts of the country will be divided into several groups and perform.
The people will also get the rare Darshan of the ‘Jugal Murty’ from the well decorated chariots and pray for their blessings.
People who performed the marriage as father and mother of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati consider it as their luck and believe that it would bring them good fortune.
“We worship Goddess Parvati as Jagajjanani (mother of the universe). But getting her as our daughter and giving her marriage to Lord Siva is the unique but indescribable experience in our family and for we the brothers,” they said.

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