Amit Shah takes the neutral route, trumpets for Modi but, leaves Patnaik unscathed

Published: Feb 28, 2020, 5:34 pm IST

In a massive rally in Bhubaneswar Union Home Minister Amit Shah made his speech appear so that, it neither was against the state of Odisha nor were there any diabolic aimed at the chief minster Naveen Patnaik.

An expected, stance which was expected from Shah on this day, came real. He only recounted the generosity that the Prime Minister showed for Odisha.

Instead he  expected that Odisha chief minister extends his cooperation to translate the schemes in a joint spirit for the development of Odisha.

A statement that had the undertone of acquiescence that Odisha, under Naveen Patnaik, has not run off the track.

On the issue of CAA, Shah was brief and rather reiterated what he has been saying since CAA came into being that, the Act is not against any citizen of India.

Even, in his address, union minister Dharmendra Pradhan, who was described by Shah as the spirit behind the BJP in Odisha, was equally careful not to make the occasion  an acrid one through any such jibe at Naveen Patnaik.