BJP blows the beguile: Coalition government in minority, ‘Kumaraswamy has no moral right to continue’

BJP blows the beguile: Coalition government in minority,'Kumaraswamy has no moral right to continue'

Samikhsya Bureau

In a first time worst ever mockery of constitutional ethics, the ongoing drama in Karnataka presents a dismal picture. The hide and seek farce of members being forced to be holed up or cajoled by alleged lures of cash, the entire episode,still in continuity, signals at a rapid decline of faith by the people who vote.

Opposition leader in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly B S Yeddyurappa, who is also BJP State President, today alleged that the JDS-Congress government in the State has plunged into minority status and Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy has no moral right to continue in the office.

Addressing a press conference at a Resort, where his party Legislators where BJP MLAs are staying for the last 10 days, Yedddyurappa said “I have faith in Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar who has assured that the process on the confidence motion will be completed on Monday. This minority Coalition government will lose its battle and there will be no option left before the chief minister but to resign.’’

Yeddyurappa claimed that the two ruling combine had a strength of 98 members in the 224-member Assembly, while BJP has 106 MLAs including support of at least one of the two Independent MLAs.

What cannot be lost sight of is that this protracted suspense is being created at the expense of public money that is astronomical. The entire nation watches this theater of absurd despite the fact that, the conclusion would be in the change of dispensation and the BJP will take over.

(with UNI inputs)