Dissent is “democracy’s safety valve” SC, so let not dissent die under leaderships who refuse to  mature themselves

Published: Jan 9, 2020, 3:50 pm IST
CAA: Changes in criteria since 1955 till date

Samikhsya Bureau

Silence can be louder than a scream, is what the silence of cine star Deepika Padukone connotes. A few minutes long stint, in contrast to the sloganeering dystopia by Kanaihya Kumar, she abandoned a thrill among a population of 130 cr as never before.

That’s it. But, no.  A section of the media went berserk almost, creating riddles over what she did and what she should have done. Quick were some political parties to make  hey.

Politicians, today, who appear lesser the adults than the students now showing signs of adulting  themselves better, leaving a slew of questions slapped on the face of the leaders.

In fact, it is not the issue as what she (Deepika) did or what she shouldn’t have, but, what the nation is through, is more paramount.

Now, it is fruitless to discuss about the divide, which was there and may continue to be so, but the major issue that confronts us is the disconnect between the youngsters and the politicians who steer the wheels from wherever they are.

Padukones and others just pale to nothing if the spirit  of the students are anything to go by. Their look of askance and questioning of the political system with placards, are something not to be ignored with the ease the government is doing.

They are the future and they are worried about their future and they deserve to be heard by the dispensation. Not that the batons and barrels be dangled to muzzle the words. Or weigh them down by an overuse of police.

Dissent is the ‘democracy’s safety valve’, said the Supreme Court and that way questioning either CAA or Kashmir is something the students have a right to do because, ultimately, the safeguarding of the educational institutions are important for them.

It is equally important that, the students must show their dissent free of any violence and then the entire nation stands behind them. Let’s not the voices be muted by the fear of Leftism, then or now, by the Hindutva.