Economic crisis spirals out into FM’s home, Narmala Sitharaman’s husband foresees a financial nightmare

Samikhsya Bureau

Whether many who see a terrible decline on the economic front in India are ‘ compulsive contrarian’ view holders or the ones who still see a bloom in last five years of NDA regime are upholders of ‘ fudged economic figures’ as told by the Nobel prize winner Abhijit Banerjee, but the Indian Finance  Minister finds it hard  at home to negotiate.

Sitaraman’s husband, Palakara Prabhakar, in his article in The Hindu, has drawn a dismal picture of the Indian economy under his wife’s control.

In his article Prabhakar has maintained that, the NDA regime in its last five years rule has erred by not adopting the economic model that had brought remarkable dividend under P V Narasimah Rao when Dr. Manmohan Singh, as the finance minister had steered the Indian economy out of the problems then.

The article by Prabhakar can be viewed as a carpet bomb at a time the Finance ministry under Sitharaman finds its tough to defend the bleak economic scenario and instead the NDA tries hard to ‘obfuscate’ the situation by showcasing issues far removed from the reality.

From battle if wits among an array of economists in the coutry and outside, the battle has come into a family.

It was Abhijit Bannerjee who had shot a letter to the prime minister along with 108 other economists stating that, in last March, that efforts are on still to draw a picture of the economy by “ fudging figures” and what he has got in respose that former FM of India, Arun Jaitley had dubbed such views as  ‘ compulsive contrarian’.

But, two days back the same economist got the Nobel for Economy  2019 !