Felling of 2000 trees in Aarey, a victory, by few, that can never be defined

Published: Oct 7, 2019, 12:16 pm IST

Samikhsya Bureau

It was not felling of trees but their slaughter in the Aarey forest in Maharastra. After the razing of over 2000 trees the apex court has ordered for maintenance of status quo in Aarey.

What does it imply. If the courts were not there, then the custodians of the democracy, who love wearing ‘khadi’ for chill, would otherwise consign many things to the altar of political exigency. That appears to be the bottom reality.

Cutting or ‘ murder ‘ of trees numbering around 2000 started few days back when the dizzying arrays of depletion caught the attention of some who care for environment. Which started the protest amid hostile response from the law keepers leading to a tug of war between the BJP and Shiva Sena.

At last the court’s intervention brought the respite to the forest and activists too but, damage was done. Else, a heritage would have finished to make way for an ambitious metro.

Was not the Maharastra govt aware of the felling of the trees in Aarey. Then why was that blame game .

It was a crystal clear case of how the people in power put forests on the climate agenda. It is not to say that, there should not be metro that would surely create some employment but, by an unbridled razing of forests can help shift of the benefits of hundreds of people and handover the cream to a bunch of honchos.

It is not about Aarey alone but, it happens again and again, until a minority become men of millions and the forests are no more. Which can be seen as a victory of the ones in power but such victories in the world always remain undefined. Since, we fail to realise, where does the defeat lies.