Happy Birth Day Modiji, can you please speak to us as the leader of a democratic nation, not as brand ambassador??

Published: Sep 17, 2019, 8:43 am IST

By Kedar Mishra

Today you are 69, happy birth day to you dear Modiji

You are our first prime minister who got decisive mandate, not once but twice, after 25 years. Your predecessor Manmohan Singh was not that lucky. MMS was in charge of Indian economy with a fractured mandate. You are full of energy and Josh. Your power is absolute and there is none to challenge you in and outside your party. No doubt, you are the supreme leader of the largest democracy of the world. May I ask you sir, do you really believe in democracy? It’s the innocent question of an ordinary citizen. I am not a part of any Khan Market gang or Lutyen’s elite. I live in a small city of India and have nothing great to show in my CV. I am not a Bhakt either. I stand firmly opposed to you and your party ideology? Don’t I have those rights to stand in opposition sir?

I have seen you as my prime minister for last few years. Every time I see you in television I expect you to speak on behalf of me as a countryman. Never once, you come up to my expectation. It’s all about you and yourself. It’s all about Modi. I have heard there was someone called Debakanta Baruah who once coined a vicious acronym called “Indira is India”. Now history has come to a full circle.

Modi is India and India is Modi. Every day someone from your party or some believer of your cult ask me to go to Pakistan. Why sir? Why to Pakistan?

The biggest achievement of you as prime minister of my country is that you make Pakistan a real competitor for us. Earlier we never care where Pakistan stands. We reject the idea of Pakistan as a theocratic and military state. As proud citizen of a constitutional democracy we pity Pakistan for not having civil liberty and fundamental rights under military regime. After your arrival as the supreme ruler of Indian democracy, all of sudden we found that we are living a life of constant enmity with Pakistan. You make our life not full of India, but full of Pakistan. In our mind we fight a war with our inferior neighbour days in and out. What kind of achievement  is it dear prime minister?

You are a great orator; a moving speaker who can really wins million hearts. In your birthday I wanted to ask, what do you really speak? I remember a stand up comedian who once very innocently described your persona- “Modiji’s favourite is Modiji”. You are full of yourself. You love to address yourself. When everybody was talking about election you were happily talking about how to eat a mango to a filmstar. Today when everyone is seriously concerned about the health of our economy, you are busy for “Howdy Modi”. How great it is to talk out of box?

Another biggest achievement of you as prime minister is your omnipresent personality. You are everywhere. You are everything. You are the leader and the role model. You are both victim and victor. For every failure you can easily blame your opponents for their 70 years of so called misrule. You can easily forget that out of those 70 years your own party was in power for 12 years. You are the greatest brand. Yes, you are a brand name. You live in advertisements and we ordinary citizens have become mere consumers of your projected personality.

Enjoy your birth day dear prime minister. As a Citizen I wish you all the best to you and expect, someday you will speak to us as a true democratic leader, not as a brand ambassador or showman.