How youth plays it straight  to safeguard plurality in Indian, be it against Congress or Hindutva or Moditva

Published: Dec 30, 2019, 6:07 pm IST
How youth plays it straight  to safeguard plurality in Indian, be it against Congress or Hindutva or Moditva

It has been always seen that, there is youth behind many successful movements in India. Mainly political when a youth feels concerned about issues.

The most recent being the tug-of-war between two sides, on one side is Narendra Modi and on the other are his opponents. Where the youth is confused between Hindutva and Moditva.

Extraordinary phenomenon that has today created a situation when in a country like India, one can find even the Muslims have allowed their ire spill onto the streets, taking straight on the power. Which of course includes the other religious minorities.

History has it that youth matters

It is a different matter if a ‘Hindu nationalist zealotry’ has given such a movement or the CAA, but the support of the youth cutting across religion or caste has helped the people at the rival ramp to voice against the government.

The past shows, movements like Mandal, or movement under JP had garnered immense catalyst from the youth. Even the history worldwide reveal the fact that, youth had remained as a formidable force behind movements.

This time also, youths from colleges, universities and social outfits have come a long way, as it even did during the agitation by Anna Hazare, to make the power-that-be to look back at the ground realities. It was historic when the multitude thronged nooks and corners to rally behind Anna and shook the UPA from its foundation.

It can be said with emphasis that the 2014 elections brought to the fore how, the BJP immensely benefited from the Anna movement.

But, post 2014 and then in 2019, what was marked by its presence was the sudden spurts of fringe elements, a few lynching incidents or an overreach of cow vigilantes.

Which, perhaps, has affected the plurality concept that has remained ingrained in the Indian society.

But, the 2019 mandate has negated all that the opposition had in its armoury. It would be wrong if the BJP takes a huge mandate as invincibility.