It is an issue of power everywhere, power from polls to, power from poles as well!

Published: Jan 11, 2020, 4:41 pm IST
It is an issue of power everywhere, power from polls to, power from poles as well!

CESU’s recent war cry to punish the defaulters of electricity tariff is more or less akin to waking up from a slumber of eminence.

Secondly, the undertone of favour for the privileged also smacks of an intent that, as if, all that exercise at relieving the electricity department off pending tariff, has two different yardsticks.

For the general consumer the CESU gave the deadline for Jan 16 and for the rest …it is till March. Clear the dues or remain in dark.

To put it in a lighter note, without malice towards any, it can go on like this from the Chief’s office.

‘ I will set it alright for those guys not paying for months and years’ the man next nods in agreement  . ‘ And what do you think of the way I have taken the habitual defaulters by surprise’? That didn’t elicit any duck.

‘It could have been more balanced and not that weird one in taste, granting till March to some and a snap for the majority in days’  was like a googly from the man next.

‘It is good that, even in your confusion, a confusion that looms over millions, you could sense reason and hint at me to roll back’ . ‘But a roll back at this juncture make the department look naive ‘.

‘Then what you have in minds, already voices of protests are on the rise, as we can’t do a damn bit to guys sitting over crores of rupees as arrears , including the Lok Seva wing’ queries man next.

‘What a pluck’! Chief gets baffled by his guts  . ‘For some days the traffic rules had all these agitators crawl for cover, you know’. ‘Try to read in between buddy’.

‘Do you mean the power issue will have talks about that only, and not of that crime graph and so on?

‘Right’ after a pause the Chief said, ‘ it should not throw public sentiment into disorder, that worries me’.

‘That should not worry us, sir, there are plenty of issues such as onion, potato, CAA to now, the JNU repeat acts in the state capital to divert attention ‘.

‘But, what bothers me is a warpath like situation here over such a genuine issue like power . There is need for self-containment you know and carry on, look how the CAA, amid all hulla-goolla, crept through’ , the Chief  laid down a logic.

‘But, the debates in televisions etc make it murkier a bit , pushing us up the wall’ wondered the man next.

‘All said and done, we cannot drop the cudgel at this juncture and allow these darn defaulters do away with the revenue’ the Chief looked at man next.

Bleary-eyed, the man next, perhaps, had it enough before bidding an adieu, ‘Tata’ sir !