Mobility investment is growing priority in Asia-Pacific firms: Study

Mobility investment is growing priority in Asia-Pacific firms : Study

Customer’s heightened expectations and more focus within companies on differentiating service levels, field operations industry is rapidly adapting the way it looks at its mobile technology investments, a study revealed.

According to the study undertaken by Zebra Technologies Corporation on the Future of Field Operations revealed that mobile technology investment to be a growing priority for up to 60 percent of Asia-Pacific organizations.

The findings indicate that investments will be made in disruptive technologies and enterprise mobile devices to enhance front-line worker productivity and customer satisfaction in field operations including fleet management, field services, proof of delivery and direct store delivery workflows.

“Based on our study, the top three trends that are driving changes for field operations across Asia-Pacific including India, are growing expectations of performance and convenience from end customers, the replacement of paper in the field by mobile technology, and the disruptions to field operations caused by emerging technologies and faster networks,” said Zebra Technologies Regional Sales Director of India Deep Agarwal at a press conference here on Tuesday.

“In Asia Pacific including India more than half of the organisations have a mobile-first mindset when it comes to adopting enterprise-wide mobile and emerging technologies.

“And these forward-thinking organizations are setting their field operations apart with three key strategies; the scaling of mobile technology and support technologies enterprise-wide, evaluating the total cost of ownership of mobile technology as a standard practice, and utilizing emerging field operations technologies more extensively to achieve a competitive edge,” the study stated.

The US-based company which manufactures and sells marking, tracking and computer printing technologies also launched a new range of enterprise-class mobile touch computing solutions, industrial tablets and high-quality mobile printer for efficient and effective field operations.

The TC57 Touch Computers, TC77 series touch computer, Zebra L10 and R12 Xplore rugged tablets and ZQ120 mobile printer. (UNI)