New year gifts for few and sores for many! India needs younger to junk the moribund

Published: Jan 1, 2020, 3:14 pm IST

Samikhsya Bureau

Ascendancy of Gen Bipin Rawat to become the Chief of Defence Staff(CDS) has been viewed by political analysts as an addition to the discourses the dispensation has been harping on at a tangent away from delivery mechanism.

Right or wrong Gen Rawat, according to the opposition and may be for a lay observer of the political dynamics, his new year gift as a CDS was forgone conclusion.

CDS joins the league after top two!

His recent, yet controversial, political positioning can in no way be hidden behind excuses of freedom of expression when he made certain remarks on the kind of anti-CAA protests. He had no business to do that.

There is line-up of Rawat’s kind now who have chosen to become the bagpipers on behalf of the NDA at any available platform. Least can be said that such posturing by the people from the Defence forces add credence to notions about a fast  dilution of institutions in the country .

What type of gifts are these?

Before the new year, 2020, sets in, increase in LPG came as an irritating itch for majority which might even affect the Ujjwala semantics. Adding to that, the hike in the railway travel is in no away viewed as a welcome prelude to the year ahead.

It is better not to mention the menace of fuel prices those have become a perennial back-pain for the common mass.

Onion price hike has made it more or less clear that peoples’ anguish is unlikely to get a respite shortly.

Problem of unemployment hardly requires a repetition, as it continues to spiral up with an unfailing regularity painting a picture of dismay among the younger generation of the country.

Need of the hour, junk the old!

It seems highly improbable that, the journey into the new decade has much promises under a system that is deprived of a young  spirit or synergy and  the incumbent political masters may not allow it to change.

In the middle of the disgusting divide in the Indian society through religion, caste and class, the new divide that is likely to emerge, is the divide between the old and the young, which may exacerbate further giving steams for a ring out.

There may be more protests and cries for change in the decade to come when social protection become less and less.

It is time the debate over the usual rants from issues like nationalism, Ram Mandir, Hundu-Muslim and other pep-talks are rested as is evident from the recent spates of protests when students from myriad streams unequivocally echoed one thing that, they are simply worried about a future that ensures job and social security.

Salient  take-away from today

The government of the day, at the centre, cannot wish away the youngsters’ voices  as mere orchestrations fuelled by the politicians only.

Even the other political parties like the Congress or other regional outfits are viewed by the younger generations as moribund and any other. Everybody tries to make hey when the sun shines.

Whether a  majority or a cobbled together dispensation is at the helm but, the moot point is not rightist, centrist or leftist kind of phenomenon but, the Indian youth look up at a liberal and, of course,  a moderate system that is rooted to the ground.