No need to see the rains through the windows, he is here, V K Pandiyan, out in the open, playing straight

Published: Sep 15, 2019, 10:09 am IST
No need to see the rains through the windows, he is here, V K Pandiyan, out in the open, playing straight

Samikhsya Bureau

Now things are getting clear in what role who plays behind all that which constitutes the essence of political  and administrative affairs in Odisha. One always finds everything getting tailor- made and it is the chief minister of Odisha, known for his taciturnity and an enviable decency, Naveen Patnaik , found to be playing the shooter role finally.

What, in fact, goes behind such an immaculately designed political and administrative action plan always proved to be dividend paying.

Not to be economical with the truth, one man who had been rumoured as the spirit behind all good things those happened in last five years, was V Kartik Pandiyan. Whose role should not raise many more eye-brows.

The above IAS officer has been in the discussion for quite some time, eliciting unpleasant or implausible remarks from leaders within  the Biju Janata Dal more than from other political parties in the state.

Some of them, even, dubbed the young officer as a kind of Frankenstein’s monster for the regime here. Undeterred by all such side line jibes at different occasions, the officer perhaps demonstrated a cool that is usually uncommon with the traits of officers of his stature in governments.

Now on wards, there is no need to see the rains through the windows. Pandiyan was there that day, alongside the chief minister,  on the dais, delivering the key notes on the ‘Mo Sarkar’ inauguration, with all authority and articulations to highlight the redeeming features of the state government’s remodelled public relation exercise and how has it to pass through the supervision and scrutiny. He made it clear and authoritatively so .

Now he has played on the front foot and dispelled all ambiguities among his detractors to say that, all that he has done as an advisor, was nothing wrong and his plans for the days to come should not be been through any prism of suspicion.

If he had played a role in the 2019 electioneering process, the outcomes have numbed the critics, helping the party to retain its survival instincts intact against a nationwide wave in favour of Modi.

Earlier also some IAS officers remained as advisors to the chief minister, Naveen Patnaik but, since 2014, things changed and the politics in India underwent a kind of metamorphosis when Narendra Modi came in to pulverise the opposition in India.

It was at that critical time, when Pandiyan also tailored the political designs amid a hostile situation when some BJD leaders like Baijayant Panda and Damodar Rout not only shifted their loyalties but tried to create a web of angst against Patnaik in which the officer in question was made the scape goat.

But, he has taken the clock back and reaffirmed that, nothing succeeds like success.