Patnagarh MLA’s atrocious act should not go unpunished by the BJD’s top leader

Patnagarh MLA's act should not go unpunished by the leader

By D.N. Singh

It is not only language that corrupts politics but the wrong actions often and surely so, lead to the creation of a degeneration in the standard of politics. Whatever happened in Patnagarh in Balangir district was loathsome.

No amount of defence can help that situation when Saroj Meher, the BJD’s debutant Patnagarh MLA, forced a government official to do 100 sit-ups in the public!

Whatever be the reason behind the MLA’s action, the act reveals a sick and feudal bent of mind which, should not escape the attention of Odisha chief minister and party president Naveen Patnaik. Meher in an overriding state of mind after defeating the five time MLA of Patnagarh, K.V.Singh Deo of the BJP?

But once the video on it is viral, the leadership must act and such greenhorns should be given a lesson to refrain from substandard practice in public life.

It is all over the country. The other day, a BJP MLA in Gujarat reportedly went on a rampage to physically assault a woman in public gaze. Later his funny defense and then apology looked more surprising.

It is the order of the day in politics. A group of unbridled politicians try to ride roughshod, some speak something outrageous and some indulge in acts like that of Meher. The leaders always seem trying to square up the matters either through an official inquiry, which never ends, or a statement condemning the act.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been often heard saying that no leader under his banner should speak anything to demean or hurt others but, every other day one finds one or two come out with one nasty jibe to hurt others’ sentiments. Nothing happens like, nothing happened to anyone so far.

Whether it is Giriraj Singh or Sadhvi Pragyan Thakur.

The Odisha chief minister now has a compelling reason to tell Meher, the lawmaker, to explain and should be asked to apologise to the government official.