PM Modi could have chosen humble posture at the Congress rather than a recourse in diatribes

No stone will be left unturned to fulfill dream of 'Housing for All': PM

By D.N Singh

Indian politics is in the midst of an interesting confluence. After listening to the speeches by the leaders in both the houses of the parliament, the gist that can be drawn is that, political dynamics now oscillates in between two things, that is, the Bharatiya Janata Party, led by Narendra Modi and the Congress that is allegedly cocooned within a family.

Obviously, the notable feature of the motion of thanks on the President’s address, was the speeches of the Prime Minister in the Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha as well.

All the metaphors used by the prime minister through his   swipes at the main rival, the Congress party, reflected a subtle blend of victory and vengeance. He was unsparing at his rivals and in each of his sentence, his jibes were aimed at a particular section of the Congress.

His speech in the Rajya Sabha was only a rehashed version of what he had spoken in the Lok sabha. The entire gamut of the delivery,if seen in hind sight,  it was hard to trace the emphasis on issues relevant for the larger mass.

‘ Deeds are the best answers to injurious words’ and such an adage can be the best weapon to disarm the rivals or critics. So, for the BJP, it was all there on its support and there was, perhaps, no occasion for glossing the obvious as Modi was found doing.

Saying that, in his regime the people out on bail need not fear of anything, unlike the days of 1975 emergency, had an overt intention to grimace at a family . His every taunt at the Congress had an intent to flaunt his achievement a notch higher.

It could have been less malevolent had he chosen to take the humble route, dealing with issues more important than a comparative attack. It did seem like flogging a dead horse.