PM Modi says the results of Lok Sabha elections will decide the pace of development

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday exhorted the people to extend their support to the National Democratic Alliance for a strong government, saying the result of Lok Sabha elections would decide how fast India would grow in the 21st century.

While addressing a massive public meeting at Buxar in Bihar, seeking votes in favour of the NDA candidates for Lok Sabha elections, Modi said the result of ongoing biggest electoral battle would decide the pace of development of India in 21st century. The NDA government had taken steps to ensure accelerated pace of development of the country during the last five years,he added.

“What our government has done in last five years for poor,no government had done in the past so far”, the Prime Minister said adding some parties were not interested for improving the poor as they thought that some castes were their slaves who would vote for them under any circumstances.Those who managed to grab top posts cramming the cause of poor, forgot them conveniently, he remarked.

Modi, while making an oblique reference to RJD chief Lalu Prasad and his family members, said that they had amassed assets worth thousand of crores. How much salaries politicians in power get, he asked and added that he had been the longest serving chief minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister for the last five years, it was an open book how much assets he had. (UNI)