Rape accused is required to realise the pain of existence, the trauma of cessation of life, else it will go on

Published: Dec 1, 2019, 6:48 pm IST
Rape accused is required to realise the pain of existence, the trauma of cessation of life, else it will go on

D.N Singh

After what has happened in Hyderabad with a doctor and the subsequent debate across all platforms, seems nothing is going to change. Reason is not that, there is any dearth of laws and specially post Nirbhaya case, but a lackadaisical approach towards implementation of the law and of course, punishment.

The major hurdle that comes in the way is, the procedure that lingers and a timely conviction that is so slow. For any lay man, who witness such incidents, one after the other, the only solution is a punishment at the earliest possible and that must be befitting.

Rapist is rapist and for him, jails are like places where he goes for a change and once out, it is nobody’s guess what he comes out as.

And simply, to say that, some boys or men committed the heinous act in an inebriated state is another escape route. That must be in his subconscious which gets manifestation like cancer.

Relief in case of a juvenile accused should not be given any consideration like counselling or rehabilitation that may open the floodgates to more such dastardly acts.

Bestial instincts to be nipped

Delay and delay in the name of procedures, allowed under the law, serves itself as catalyst for people with such bestial instincts.

There have been few instances when the accused going to the gallows and jailed for life but yet, there is no let-up in the malady.

Rape is a heinous crime and the punishment should be equally stringent and exemplary so that, one must think many times before preying on any woman. When the  acts are described as savage and beastly, the punishment must be a matching one.

Not that the accused should be given to lodge in a jail for some years or a hanging where he feels no pain except a momentary fear of death that comes in seconds only.

The world must be shown that if someone commits any such crime, the punishment has to be equally nerve shattering. Death needs to come to such people slowly, creeping in through his mind and body before being engulfed by death.

The law should be so, that human rights riders in the shape of alternative means to inject wisdom and conscience into the accused, should be dispensed with immediately..

A rapist should be compelled to realise the pain of existence and the loss in cessation of life as well.