Saffron hooligans unleash terror in Tripura dist after LS polls

Saffron hooligans unleash terror in Tripura dist after LS polls

Saffron hooliganism seems to have taken over after the landslide victory of BJP in the bordering subdivision of Kamalpur in the northern Tripura district of Dhalai here.

After the poll results indicated BJP’s resurgence in the state in the night of May 23, allegedly a section of BJP supporters began terrorizing the opposition supporters and workers demanding huge subscriptions for “Vijay Utsav” or the “Festival of Victory”, without considering their economic condition.

It is being alleged that the goons ransacked houses, beat the residents, wherever the people expressed inability to pay the money.

At least four houses were allegedly demolished last night in remote poverty stricken Apareshkar village. However, when the villagers built up protest, the hooligans fled.

Two more houses belonging to Dhani Namasudra and Lalit Shabdakar in another tribal dominated village of Bilaschara were allegedly ransacked.

It is also being alleged that the vandals even tried to set ablaze the house of former Vice-Chairperson of Kamalpur Nagar Panchayat Khana Das, but couldn’t succeed as the family members woke up in time and put off the fire.

Another CPI(M) supporter Bipin Madhav Sharma suffered the same fate.

House of one Shailen Das at Nagbanshi and the shop of one Babul Das was allegedly set on fire by BJP supporters when they were denied subscription money for the Vijay Utsav.

People are awaiting intervention of BJP’s state leadership in the string of violent incidents that left opposition supporters in the district panic stricken.