Sharad Pawar outsmarts saffron ‘Chanakya’ Amit Shah

Published: Nov 26, 2019, 5:09 pm IST

Samikhsya Bureau

A cursory glance through the happenings spanning from October 24 to Nov 26, makes it clear that the NCP patriarch Sharad Pawar came out successful to outwit the political brain behind the Bharatiya Janata Party, Amit Shah.

In a long drawn snake-and-ladder game of sort Pawar played his strokes both in his typical orthodox and unorthodox fashion to reduce the BJP to a naught in Maharashtra.

Besides the political master-strokes, Pawar has also succeeded to help his family chemistry remain intact which was evident from the resignation of his nephew Ajit Pawar, from deputy chief ministership.

It is yet to be known if Ajit Pawar would come back to the NCP mainstream or not but the senior Pawar has been able to land one of the fatal blows on the face of the BJP by weaning away his nephew back to the family fold by whatever means.

Master Pawar stroke

What would go underlined in the political history in Maharashtra is that, Sharad Pawar did the impossible thing like, bringing the Congress and the Shiv Sena on the same platform and share thoughts.

And, by implication, Pawar has been able to deal Debendra Fadnavis with a decisive blow at a time when the latter was viewed to be the one of the tallest BJP leaders at the national sphere.

During the entire exercise, Pawar, at his 80s, has been able to remain the most agile one, physically and mentally, to keep his cool and play his cards with all dexterity.

Not only he has been able to keep the one time enemy Shiv Sena on the tenterhooks but, at the same time, he has not allowed the Gandhi halo to eclipse his aura as an accomplished regional leader who matters.

It was an intelligent blend of politics and emotion that Pawar demonstrated. He, while at war with Ajit Pawar, never lost a moment to let the family bond to be broken and kept Rohit Pawar, son of Ajit Pawar, closer to him than ever which may have stirred Ajit from his stupor.