Wake-up call for BJP in Maharashtra and Haryana, NCP has a lesson for the Congress also

Published: Oct 24, 2019, 5:13 pm IST
Campaigning in 46 constituencies enters final stage in Marathwada

Samikhsya Bureau

While Climate change in environment keeps the entire globe worried but there is a change in the geopolitical climate in India.

The emerging results from the polls in Maharashtra and Haryana have made it clear that, people want a change, perhaps. Marked decline in the vote bank  of the Bharatiya Janata Party indicates at the psyche of the people that is not ready to buy the buzzes of either Article 370 nor it has the willingness to get wooed by the political narratives, time and again, invested in issues like religious divide between two communities.

For which, of course, one cannot blame the BJP alone.

And last but not the least, voters are not the ones who can be fooled by politics of arrogance orchestrated through dramatics and politics of alienation. That has certainly backfired in both the states.

Who manages the numbers in those states and forms a government is another matter but, the verdicts underscore that people both in Maharashtra and Haryana sent the message, clear, that, they can longer want to be flown on the wings of a diversionary relativism.

People look up to the parties who can deliver and not the way the politics is being dribbled through tracks those simply paper over the real problems or welfare.

Whether the BJP-Siva Sena form the government in Maharashtra or BJP snatches the crown with the help of Dushyant Choutala of the JJP or the latter falls in line with the Congress,   but the voters have given a wake-up call for the BJP.