Was Baghdadi really killed! questions keep starring at Trump is what a layman’s guess can make out

Published: Nov 5, 2019, 3:47 pm IST

Samikhsya Bureau 

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been really killed by the US commandos or not,  now  there is a serious debate at the international level. The doubts were raised by the Russian intelligence when its demand for more information about the elimination of Baghdadi was kept as classified for certain reasons, perhaps, best known to the US Prez Donald Trump.

It was not the Russians who suspect some falsehood behind it but, none other than a former Pentagon analyst Karen Kwaitkowski has even warned that US’s reluctance to put forth more details in the “declassified”  video footage has thrown up posers about the ‘ accuracy’ and ‘ credibility’ of US official claims.

A news report says that, besides Karen, a Canadian retire diplomat Patrick Armstrong  was also sceptical about the narratives given by the US and he was quoted saying that the two minutes video released was extremely’ blurry’ and does not make anything discernible visually.

If the US, which had reportedly, made attempts in the past to capture Baghdadi alive to reach out to the wider scheme of things , would not have let a chance taken by the US Special Operation forces to allow the terrorist to blow himself along with two sons to smithereens by a jacket bomb.

Going a step forward Karen Kwiatkowski also observed that, if the video released by the US was just an attempt the whole thing in obscurity by releasing a video on something that did not happen, then the US has a reason to keep the footage classified to ward off any questions and doubts about the authenticity of its claim over killing the deadly terrorist.

The footage lasting over two minutes, “ could be anyplace or any General describing any given action.” Karen was quoted as saying.

California State University Emeritus Professor of Politics Beau Grosscup, has something more simple to add in order to dispense with any seriousness to the claim when he said that, the ‘excuses that the US tries to hide behind may  wear out’.

If Baghdadi was blown to pieces and the US has the DNA report then why that should be not made available to all as the video was pedaled to be. Critics were quoted in news agencies within the US that, Baghdadi operation and subsequent classification of information are more motivated politically than militarily.

Similar incident took place post 9/11 and after elimination of Osama Bin Laden, when things never stopped at that. More ugly designs raised their hoods and Baghdadi was perhaps one of that chain  of the Islamic Terror machinery and it would be out of place for the US Prez that he can go to sleep well after relieving the world from Islamic terror.

A blurry video that does not speak anything, a DNA report that is kept classified and there is no follow up available to the international intelligence, the question mark is big over the US claim.