55.9% Indians agree CAA/NRC only against illegal immigrants

New Delhi, Dec 21 (IANS) As 55.9 per cent people across the country believe the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) are only against illegal immigrants, 31.9 per cent people feel that these are against Indian Muslims, as per an IANS-CVoter survey.

A total of 3.8 per cent of people said that these measures are against illegal immigrants and Indian Muslims as well while 8.4 per cent people were confused on the issue.

The snap poll was carried out on over 3,000 citizens across the country between December 17 to 19 with booster sample of over 500 people each in Assam, northeast and among the Muslim community collected during the same period.

Among the Muslim community, 64.7 per cent said that these measures are against Indian Muslims while 20.8 per cent believe that they are only against illegal immigrants.

Further, a total 65.5 per cent of people in the northeast region believe that the CAA and NRC are against illegal immigrants while 27.3 per cent feel that these laws are against Indian Muslims.

In Assam, 53.6 per cent believe that these laws are made against illegal immigrants and 24.6 per cent feel that the NRC and CAA are against Indian Muslims. 14.8 per cent are are not clear on the issue.