After Lok Sabha attack, PM focuses on Kashmir, N-E in RS

After Lok Sabha attack, PM focuses on Kashmir, N-E in RS

New Delhi: After an aggressive speech against the opposition in the Lok Sabha on a host of issues, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday focused on Jammu & Kashmir and the North-East in the Rajya Sabha.

The PM took the opposition head on over criticism of abrogation of Article 370. “One MP said the decisions on Jammu and Kashmir were without any discussion. This is not correct. The entire nation has seen the detailed discussions on the subject. MPs have voted in favour of the decisions,” said Modi.

Drawing a parallel with the way Telangana was created and its proceedings in the House then, Modi said, “People do not forget things easily.”

Taking pride in the axing of Article 370 and the splitting of the erstwhile state, PM Modi asserted, “For the first time in decades, the people of Jammu and Kashmir have got the benefits of reservation. There were BDC polls, RERA came into being there. For the first time, Jammu and Kashmir got a comprehensive start-up, trade and logistics policy. An anti-corruption bureau was set up there.”

He called August 5 as the “black day” for those who encourage terrorism. It was on August 5 when the erstwhile J&K was split into two union territories and the contentious Article was removed.

Making a case for the North-East and the steps his government has taken for it, Modi said, “The plight of the Bru refugees was pitiable. Yet, the party that ruled most parts of the North-East for decades and the Party that ruled Tripura for decades did nothing about this problem. It was our government that had the honour of solving this major problem.” He was taking a sharp dig at the Congress and the Left parties together.