Amid pollution spike, 17 dead in Kabul

Amid pollution spike, 17 dead in Kabul

Kabul, Dec 31: At least 17 people have died due to respiratory infections and related health conditions over the past week in Kabul amid a spike in the Afghan capital’s pollution levels, the Ministry of Public Health said.

The Ministry, which began an anti-pollution campaign on Monday, said that over 8,800 patients visited government hospitals in Kabul over the past week who were suffering from respiratory conditions including the common cold and lung problems, reports TOLO News.

According to the Ministry, the figure shows that 1,600 more patients visited government hospitals in a week this year compared to the same period last year.

According to the international monitoring organization Air Visual, the air in Kabul has been rated hazardous over the past month.

This, according to officials, was due to the use of low-quality fuel, including coal, for warming government buildings, wedding halls, houses, and some other private businesses.

The Ministry said that masks will be distributed to the people in 16 busy areas of the city.