‘Bengal needs help,’ appeal Shoojit Sircar and Dia Mirza

'Bengal needs help,' appeal Shoojit Sircar and Dia Mirza

Mumbai; Filmmaker Shoojit Sircar and actress Dia Mirza have appealed for help for the state of West Bengal that has been severely affected by cyclone Amphan.

“Bengal needs help,” tweeted filmmaker Shoojit Sircar on Monday.

“Because of heavy cyclonic rains Sea water got mixed with the ground water/pond water/ well water.. so no water and entire crop & soil is destroyed. Fish from the pond are dying. Roof and temporary walls blown away. Village after village,” explained the filmmaker in a separate tweet.

Electricity is yet to resume in several areas. While mobile network connectivity and drinking water have become a problem, uprooted trees and damaged houses are still being taken care of in parts of Kolkata and rural areas.

Bollywood actress and United Nations Environment Goodwill Ambassador also took to social media to spread awareness about the same.

Sharing throwback photographs of her road trip to West Bengal while shooting for the TV show, “Ganga: The Soul Of India”, the actress wrote: “The actions of those who care little for the consequences of their destruction of our ecosystems is creating misery in the lives of the most vulnerable and unsuspecting. Climate change is real. As are all of the little children, women and people most impacted by the intensity and frequency of changing climate.”

“The rising sea water levels has been making the sweet water saline in the Sundarbans. Now with #CycloneAmphan nearly 17,800 hectares of agricultural lands may have been damaged because of saline water from seas entering the farms. Lives, livelihoods and health are deeply connected to healthy natural ecosystems.”

She also spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic. “#Covid19 is an outcome of our broken relationship with nature. While we are grappling with the starkness of misery this pandemic has caused in the lives of millions of our people, this cyclone hits us even harder.”

“We MUST become more resolute about protecting natural ecosystems. We must build back better by recognizing nature as a solution to some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.” The actress also mentioned an NGO in her post in case anybody wants to donate for the cause.