Bengal’s doors open for migrant and homeless people: Mamata

(UNI) Observing the “International Migrant Day”, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said the doors of the state are always open for the migrants.

“Today is International Migrants’ Day. It is our humanitarian obligation to give refuge to migrants,” Ms Banerjee wrote in her Twitter account.

Ms Banerjee has been always compassionate to the misery of the homeless and refugees as she recently was vocal for the suffering of Rohingyas of Myanmar as well as to the cause of people, who have been left from the NRC in neighbouring Assam.

“In Bangla we will take care of anyone who seeks shelter in our state, to the best of our abilities,” Ms Banejee reiterated in her Twitter account.

The day also coincides with the “Minority Rights Day”. In her message Ms Banerjee said, “We are all equal and united.” Observing the day the chief minster said “Unity in diversity is our strength. You will be happy to know that in Bangla, we have distributed scholarships to over 1.7 crore minority students, the highest in the country. My best wishes to all.”