CAA: Central Delhi in the throes of major stir

CAA: Central Delhi in the throes of major stir

New Delhi, Dec 19: The iconic old city area of Delhi — from Jama Masjid to Kashmere Gate remained sealed as security forces put barricades to prevent protestors reaching the Red Fort on Thursday as a major rally was planned against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Police personnels frisked people, inquired them about the reason they were in the area and only then they were allowed to enter the roads and bylanes.

People in the queues presented mixed reaction — some criticized the move while others made jokes out of it.

“Mandir ki line hai bhai (this is queue to enter temple),” a trader of the area said, as he struggled to get through the narrow queue to pass the barricades.

A youth, who appeared to be a protester was seen telling his friends, “Throw the chart, we need to first enter the lane, chart can be drawn again.”

Meanwhile security forces marched on the road telling people to go about their daily routine and not stare the strange silence.