COVID-19: Only 2 active cases need hospital care in Odisha

COVID-19: Only 2 active cases need hospital care in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: About 80 per cent of coronavirus positive cases in Odisha are asymptomatic, while only two of the 37 active cases need hospital care, an official said on Saturday.

Odisha has reported 50 positive cases so far, with 37 active cases. Twelve patients have recovered so far. One person died of the deadly disease in the state.

National Health Mission (NHM) Director Salini Pandit said another 35 patients are likely to recover as they don’t have any symptoms.

The officer said of the 37 active cases, only two need hospital care and the rest not in need of any special medical attention.

“These 35 persons are likely to be discharged soon as they are asymptomatic. They have been hospitalised to protect others from getting infected and to monitor their health in a better way,” she added.

As to those above the age of 60 and in the higher risk group, the NHM Director said that only 8 per cent positive cases in the state are above this age.

She said the state has decided to enhance its testing capability for early detection and early treatment of coronavirus infection.