Ginger planning to add at least 50-55 hotels in next 3-4 years

(UNI) Ginger, operated by Roots Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), is planning to add at least 50-55 more hotels in its kitty within a span of three to four years, a top official of the company said.

Speaking exclusively to UNI, Deepika Rao, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Ginger, said there were 40 hotels primarily in almost all the commercial cities in the country while 11 were in the pipeline.

‘We are opening second hotel in Surat, we are opening in Patna, third hotel in Goa. Products like ours need highest occupancy, we are opening our second hotel in Nashik, we are opening hotel in Bharuch in Gujarat, Jhanshi, Visakhapatnam. There is nice variety of locations,’ she said.

‘We will take the product every where, not just metros, We will open our third hotel in Goa in March, we are also going to Sanand. We want to get 100 hotels in next four years. This year, itself we have signed six and we wish to keep signing every year. Some of them will happen and some will get delayed. (But) If we sign around 10-15 each year we will get target of hundred hotels,’ she said.