Hina Khan didn’t feel safe while resuming work amid COVID-19 pandemic

Mumbai:  Actress Hina Khan recently stepped out for a dubbing session at a studio for an upcoming web show. Narrating the experience of working post lockdown, Hina took to Instagram and shared that she “didn’t feel safe”.

“This was my first outdoor activity post lockdown. Trust me I just did not feel safe… this is just a glimpse of an actor’s life.. I sanitised everything around, before I began,” she shared.

Hina also tried dubbing with a mask on her face but it was difficult.

“As an actor either I do it with full dedication or I choose to not do it. I tried to maintain a distance from a mic and dubbed, but guess what, It didn’t work, I was told my voice is not clear.

“I realised it’s unsafe to inhale and exhale so close to the microphone. God knows how many have dubbed in the same studio before me. God knows who amongst them is a carrier,” she added.

However, she says the studio was properly sanitised.

“The studio is taking full precautions and sanitising the place properly and regularly. But one careless move can be fatal, unfortunately.

Despite the scare, Hina will continue working. “An actor has no choice. You got to do what you got to do. Be it dubbing or shooting, we only take risks to entertain you honestly and will continue to do so. All we need is your support, love and appreciation,” Hina concluded.

Along with it, she posted a few pictures from her dubbing session.