HK’s Lam accuses US of double standards over protests

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Tuesday accused the US government of double standards when addressing the pro-democratic protests that occurred in the Asian city and the current protests against racism across American.

“We now see how local authorities are handling the revolts in the US, compared to the position they took last year when almost the same riots occurred in Hong Kong,” Lam said during her weekly press conference.

The controversial Hong Kong leader spread this accusation to other foreign governments, although she did not give names: “They are very concerned about their own national security, but about our national security… They see it through tinted glasses,” Efe news reported.

On Monday, the US was still mired in protests and riots, despite the curfews declared in the major cities, a week since the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died in police custody in the city of Minneapolis.

Last week, US President Donald Trump had ordered to start a process to finalize Hong Kong’s preferred trade status.

In this regard, Lam was of the opinion that it would not benefit either party and proove more harmful to both.

This latest decision by Trump is a response to the approval by the Chinese legislature of a controversial national security law for Hong Kong that aims, very broadly, to eradicate any loophole of “foreign interference” in the former British colony and that was endorsed last Thursday by China.

The law could allow Chinese security forces to operate freely in Hong Kong and carry out enforcement techniques such as those commonly practiced in mainland China.

According to local lawyers and activists, the legislation could curtail the freedoms enjoyed by the semi-autonomous city.