India should have been declared a Hindu country: Justice Sen

Shillong, Dec 13 (UNI) India should have been declared a Hindu country at the time of independence, Justice Sudip Ranjan Sen of Meghalaya High Court stated in his judgment.
The High Court has urged the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Law Minister and the parliamentarians to enact laws to allow the Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhist, Parsis, Christians, Khasis, Jaintias and Garos who have come from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to live in India and to be given citizenship.
?I am of the view and that I will fail in my duty if I do not project the original India and its partition,? Justice Sen stated in his judgment adjudicating a case pertaining to domicile certificate.
The Court has simplified the history of the sub-continent in three paragraphs as per the report.
?India was one of the largest countries and ‘commanded by Hindu Kingdom’. Thereafter, ‘Mughals’ came and many conversions took place. Then came the British. Subsequently, partition happened during which lakhs of Hindus and Sikhs were killed, tortured and raped,? he stated.
Expressing faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose government alone will do the needful to prevent India from being an Islamic country, Justice Sen exuded confidence that ?West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will support the national interest.?
However, Justice Sen clarified that it is not against ‘Muslim brothers and sisters’ who are residing in India for generations and abiding Indian laws and they should also be allowed to live peacefully.