Japan to create space, cyberdefence units, boost artificial intelligence use -Defence plan

Japan’s defense guidelines for a decade to come, which the country’s government approved on Tuesday, envisage creating space and cyberdefense units, while the application of artificial intelligence will be expanded.
“Given birth rate reduction and population decline, defense capability maintenance and enhancement calls for staff reinforcement more than ever before. It is necessary not only to attract talented staff, but also to use advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, among others,” the document read.
An unmanned aircraft department will be created in order to enable permanent control of the air space and information gathering in “remote regions.”
The space and the cyberspace have never been tackled in Japanese defense guidelines before.
“To hold operations … in such new areas as space, electromagnetic waves, and cyberspace, it is necessary to strengthen joint control. For constant supervision of space, for impeding rivals’ command and information transmission, and also for … maintaining leadership in cyberspace use, it is necessary to create a special space unit within the air-force defense units, and to boost its joint control,” the document read.