Lok Sabha Elections: 1210 candidates to contest elections in phase 2

Lok Sabha Elections

Lok Sabha Elections: 1206 candidates from 12 States /UTs along with 4 candidates from Outer Manipur PC to contest elections in phase 2 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024. A total of 2633 nominations were filed for 88 PCs across 12 States/UTs going for polls in phase 2 for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. The last date for filing nominations for phase 2 for all 12 States/UTs was April 4, 2024. After the scrutiny of 2633 nominations filed, 1428 nominations were found to be valid. The last date for withdrawal of candidature for all 12 States/UTs was April 08, 2024.

In phase 2, Kerala has a maximum of 500 nominations from 20 Parliamentary Constituencies, followed by 491 nominations from 14 PCs in Karnataka. Minimum of 14 nominations were received from one PC in Tripura. 16-Nanded Parliamentary Constituency in Maharashtra received a maximum of 92 nominations.

It may be noted that 15 ACs in Outer Manipur PC will go to polls on 19.04.2024 (Phase 1) and 13 ACs in this PC will go to polls on 26.04.2024 (Phase 2). There are 4 contesting candidates from Outer Manipur PC which has been notified in Gazette notification issued on April 5, 2024. Overall, for phase 1, there are 1625 contesting candidates across 21 States/UTs with 1491 male candidates and 134 female candidates.