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Lovers’ tiff ends in death of three youths


A love affair that had turned sour ended with the death of three youths, including one girl, as the trio drowned in the Brahmaputra river at Chandrapur in the outskirts of Guwahati.

The incident happened yesterday, with bodies of the two boys recovered last evening, though the girl’s body still remained untraced.  As per the victims’ families, the girl and one of the ill-fated youth were in a love affair but had broken up few days back.

They had met yesterday on the banks of the Brahmaputra to resolve some issues and were accompanied by three other friends, including the third victim and another boy and a girl. The girl refused to share the password of her phone with her old lover and when he insisted on knowing it, she threatened to kill herself and suddenly jumped into the river.

The boy jumped behind her to rescue her, while the two other male friends also jumped in to help them.  However, three of them, including the girl, were caught in the current and drowned, while the third boy managed to reach the shore.

Police was alerted by the survivors and with the help of NDRF, the bodies of the two boys were recovered yesterday itself.

NDRF resumed search for the third body this morning, but has not been able to locate it.