Modi attacks Nehru’s rose pinning as elite aura

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday made a blistering attack on country’s first Prime Minister Pt Jawahwarlal Nehru for his faulty agrarian policies and said those were essentially responsible for the hardships of farming community.

Addressing an election rally at here, he asserted that things would have been different if Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was in power during those days.

“Yeh Gulab Ke phool lagake ghumne wale log, bagicho ka gyan tha. Unko kheto ka gyan nahi tha

(“I want to say something very clearly. Those who roamed about with ‘rose’ pinned on attire might have had knowledge of the garden but hardly understood anything about farming),” the Prime Minister said.

“Those leaders did not appreciate the hard work of Indian farmers. If Sardar Patel was country’s first Prime Minister, the farmers would not be going through the problems they are facing today,” Mr Modi said charging the Congress with “spreading falsehood” about farming community.