Murdering rapists should be hanged publicly: Goa Minister

Murdering rapists should be hanged publicly: Goa Minister

Panaji, Dec 7 : Goa’s Ports Minister Michael Lobo on Saturday demanded that rape and murder case convicts should be hanged at a public stadium so that a strong message is sent to the people committing such heinous and rarest of rare crimes.

Speaking to reporters here, Lobo, while commenting on the controversial encounter killing of four rape and murder accused in Telangana, also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah to bring necessary amendments to the law, which facilitates public hanging.

“Such crime does not have place in our society or even in jail. Amendment needs to be done in Indian Penal Code by Parliament to see that such type of crimes are tried by a fast track court within a period of four months,” Lobo said.

“Maximum time given (for trial) should be five months. Public hanging, which was in existence before British rule in some places in India or internationally, should come in place for rape with murder. That particular accused, once found guilty should be hanged in a stadium…” Lobo said.

Public hangings, Lobo said, would set a strong deterrent to the “type of men” who think that law cannot touch them.

The Goa BJP Minister also urged the central government to bring about an amendment, which facilitates public hanging for rape and murders.

“The Prime Minister and Home Minister Amit bhai Shah, who is very, very strong, should take cognisance and propose an amendment to the law and see that the particular amendment goes through and capital punishment should be made compulsory for rape and that also publicly,” Lobo said.