New Twitter policy in the Works to address ‘manipulated Media, social network announces

Twitter has announced the development of a new policy targeting certain media in an effort to boost transparency and improve content, a move that comes amid Facebook’s efforts to make state-controlled media information more recognizable.

“We’re always updating our rules based on how online behaviors change. We’re working on a new policy to address synthetic and manipulated media on Twitter – but first we want to hear from you,” Twitter Safety said in a Tuesday post, explaining that what is meant by “synthetic and manipulated media” is “media that’s been significantly altered or created in a way that changes the original meaning/purpose, or makes it seem like certain events took place that didn’t actually happen.”

Twitter said that it wanted to be transparent in its approach and that a feedback period will precede the release of the new policy.

The company explained that the new policy is being developed in order to eliminate “potentially damaging contexts” and that it will address the type of content that could “threaten someone’s physical safety or lead to offline harm.”

On Monday, Facebook announced that it was working to make its pages more transparent by showing the confirmed owners of social media accounts, labeling state-controlled media information and making it easier for users to understand political advertisements.

Facebook banned multiple account networks on Monday, claiming that the pages allegedly originated in Russia and Iran and could potentially be involved in plans to influence the upcoming US elections.