NGNA and ASI to present an exhibition ‘Alpona’ in Kolkata

New Delhi: After the successful showing of the first exhibition Ghare Baire, Ministry of Culture, Government of India; the National Gallery of Modern Art and Archeological Survey of India will now present an exhibition titled Alpona at the Old Currency Building in Kolkata on 25th March 2022.

The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) proposes to mount an exhibition celebrating the works of renowned artist and sculptor extraordinaire, Ramkinkar Baij.

The theme of the exhibition is based on the daily life of rural Bengal, such as farmers returning from a hard day’s work or dust cloud arising in the horizon of homebound cattle; or factory workers relaxing with a light chat amongst each-other; or village guardian deities such as yaksha and yakshi being manifested in plaster. The exhibition will comprise of sculptures, sketches, water colours and large oil on canvases.

To support the main theme, art-works of prominent artists and sculptors which form the core collection of NGMA and the ones that were from the initial years of collecting art, will be showcased. The National Gallery of Modern Art would curate the said exhibition in-house from its prestigious collection. The curation would also showcase works of art by artists from Bengal starting from its indigenous roots of Patuas and Kalighat images to forming of the serene wash styles of Bengal school and the eventual explorations of Shantiniketan. It would also include site-specific installations presenting the indigenous art of Bengal.