NHAI plans to develop Model Stretches in every state

NHAI plans to develop Model Stretches in every state

New Delhi In order to exhibit the model stretches of National Highways as per norms, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is planning to develop 57 stretches of NH (1,735 km) across the country near each state capital.

These Model Stretches will also serve as a platform to educate the highway engineers of the country, including state PWD engineers.

These stretches will have all the required safety and aesthetic features like road signs, road markings, road furniture & safety items, proper junctions and entry/exit points, functional drains, pedestrian facilities, street lighting, plantation & landscaping, toll plaza, user facilities & wayside amenities.

The stretches will also be equipped with CCTV cameras at all vulnerable locations, no black spots to avoid accidents and eco-friendly measures. The idea is to make the highway stretch look like a perfect textbook version of a model road.

Some of the NH sections identified for development as Model Stretches are Dausa to Jaipur, Jalandhar to Amritsar, Srinagar to Banihal, Varanasi Ring Road, Chennai Bypass, MP/MH border to Nagpur including Nagpur Bypass, Brahmaputra Bridge to Guwahati.

The NHAI has issued policy guidelines to help its regional officers identify and plan the development of Model Stretches and complete the work in a timely manner.

Sufficient financial powers have been delegated to take quick decisions in the matter.

The NHAI HQ will be monitoring the progress through an online e-portal (Data Lake), where pictures/videos of each Model Stretch would be uploaded apart from other related information, a statement from the authority said.