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No mosque at disputed site in Ayodhya at any cost: Dr Vedanti

No mosque at disputed site in Ayodhya at any cost: Dr Vedanti

Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas working president and former MP Dr Ramvilas Vedanti on Friday asserted that no mosque will ever be constructed at the disputed site of Ayodhya and that only a grand Ram temple would be built there.

Dr Vedanti, who was speaking to media here, a day after the Supreme court ruled that if there is no amicable solution is reached then it will start a day-to-day-hearing, said all evidence collected during the investigation corroborated that temple existed in the place before the mosque was construction.

When Pakistan and Malaysia, he wondered, can reconstruct temples after razing them, then why not in India.

“The ASI had already excavated ancient idols from the disputed site proving existence of a temple before the mosque was constructed. NASA has also claimed that a Shiv temple existed while Nirmohi Akhara has the land’s ownership for the past 200 years. The court too accepted the evidence of Valmiki Ramayan.

‘Besides, the land record also shows existence of Raja Dashrath and Lord Ram, but there is not a single evidence of a mosque existing before the temple,” he said.

The saffron clad saint claimed that except for some radical Muslims, the majority of the minorities want a Ram temple at Ayodhya.

“The Shia waqf board had already said that the mosque should be built in Lucknow instead of Ayodhya. The mosque should not be in the name of Babar,’ he said.

The former BJP MP said in Ayodhya not a single locality of ghat at Saryu has been named after Babar. Everything is on Lord Ram. “There is no road, ward or anything on Babar’s name so how could a mosque be built there,” he questioned.

Dr Vedanti claimed that Babar never visited Ayodhya and that he entered from Haryana. Hence if a mosque has to be constructed on his name, then it should be in Haryana.

“It is unfortunate that a country which has around 90 per cent Hindus, is struggling to construct a Ram temple’, he said.

He appealed to the Muslims to support the Hindus in the construction of the grand Ram temple for a peaceful end of the dispute and all round progress of the country.

The Muslims should come forward and announce that they will demolish all the mosques built on temples in the country, he added.