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Opposition walks with negative mind-set which won’t help: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused opposition of contesting Lok Sabha election with negative mindset as it had only the agenda of denigrating his image and removing him from power when the main focus of his party and its allies was national security and development.

Addressing a mammoth election meeting here in Patliputra Lok Sabha constituency where RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s daughter Misa Bharti is pitted against union minister Ram Kripal Yadav, Mr Modi said opposition was not aware of the fact that he was occupying the position due to blessing of 135 crore people. He said that he had served as Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister for total one and half decades adding it all became possible due to people calling them ‘images of God’.

Mr Modi intensifying his attack on Congress and RJD without naming them said, “These Mahamilawati people see posts of power with lust as they spot opportunities of looting public exchequer after occupying postions. They even kept their interest and also that of their family members above national security”.

“Whether it is Namdar family of Congress or corrupt family of this place, they now possess wealth worth several crores of rupees and their hand would have shaken while indulging in corrupt practices had they any concern for poor and country,” PM remarked.

Escalating attack on RJD in particular, Mr Modi said that it had only defamed Bihar due to its wrong deeds and even did not take any step for those from whom it derived strength, he added.