PM Modi shares stage with Naveen Patnaik: Pledges to ‘work together’ for Odisha

(UNI) In the season of alliance making and serious efforts being launched to set up a front of regional parties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Odisha Chief Minister and BJD chief Naveen Patnaik on Monday shared stage for the release of a commemorative coin and a postage stamp in the memory of Paika Rebellion at a function in IIT Bhubaneswar.

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the 1817 Rebellion led by Buxi Jagabandhu of Khorda district against the Britishers.

This also came a day after BJD supremo Naveen Pataik held a crucial meeting with TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

The TRS chief is toying with the idea of a federal front which would keep ‘equi distance’ from both the Congress and and the BJP.

In his speech, Prime Minister did not attack BJD regime in the eastern India state bur rather said: “Centre is fully committed for all round development of Odisha”.

“From infrastructures uplift of the state and people’s development, multiple steps are being taken by the centre. I want to assure you that this work will continue unabated. We want Odisha to emerge as a vital engine for the growth and development of New India,” he said.

“Iske liye hum sabhi ko saath milkar agey barna hae, agey badenge (To achieve this, we all have to work together. And We will work together),” Prime Minister said.