Police claim to have garnered evidence behind Jamia riots

New Delhi, Dec 26 : The Delhi Police with the help intelligence agencies have started investigating reasons behind the beginning of protests against the new citizenship law at Jamia Nagar.

The Delhi Police point finger to location of the Popular Front of India’s (PFI) headquarters in the vicinity of Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Jamia Nagar, Batla House.

Pointing to the continuing protests in the Shaheen Bagh area, a senior investigating agency officer told IANS: “There is a reason behind this. It will be revealed at the right time.”

After the PFI was named behind protests in the Jamia Nagar and Nadwa in Lucknow, and arrest of its several workers, many activists had gone underground, said an official.

However, the government was awaiting the final report to take action, sources said.

According to the intelligence agencies, the protests emerged in Delhi as the activists knew the media would splash it and that would help widen the base of stir.

According to them, around 150 young PFI activists entered the national capital from other states and were hiding in the Jamia Nagar area since December 13, two days before the violence broke out. These were the youths who started stone pelting and set buses afire.

The intelligence agency official said they had gathered enough evidence and would act at the right time.