Rahul Gandhi lashed at government on nexus with Nirav & Chowski

Alleging that the government had evidence to arrest Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi months before they fled the country but did not do so as Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s daughter was hired as Choksi’s lawyer, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday demanded Mr Jaitley’s resignation.
In a post on social media, Rahul said, “8 months before they were allowed to flee, the IT department wrote a 10,000 page report on Chota Modi & Choksi’s massive fraud.
Govt had evidence to arrest them. But didn’t because FM Jaitlie’s daughter was hired as Choksi’s lawyer.
FM Jaitlie must resign immediately.”
Mr Gandhi posted on his Twitter handle a media report which claimed that IT report waved red flags eight months before the PNB scam broke, but was not shared with other agencies.
Earlier, addressing a press conference, AICC