Relief for Abhijeet Iyer from house committee

Relief at last for the loose-mouth journo AbhijeetIyer Mitra whom the Odisha Assembly has forgiven. Head of the special house committee Narasingha Mishra has informed. Iyet Mitra recently walked into trouble and humiliation because of  his perfidious utterances against the cultural value such as the Sun temple and jibes against legislators of Odisha .

Iyer incurred the wrath of Odias in general when through a video he dared to demean the artifice at the Sun temple but went on to say that the legislators of Odisha and people in general are lacking sense of humour. Iyer in fact had the audacity to interpret his diatribes against the state as humour and paid the price by being behind the bar . However, as regards the legislators, he has got relief by a pardon but it is to be seen what follows for his alleged insulting jokes for which he was facing cases in two police stations, in Bhubaneswar and Konark as well.