Renuka Shahane corrects troll who calls her a “dam actress”

Mumbai, Dec 18 (IANS) Renuka Shahane, who is known for her quick wit and humour, corrected a Twitter user who called her a “dam actress”.

On Tuesday evening, a user tweeted: “@renukash Your just dam actress”.

Renuka quickly corrected the user by explaining the difference in meaning between “dam” and “damn”.

The actress replied: “Do you mean “damn”? Dams are built over rivers, to harness electricity. You don’t mean I’m a dam, right? Even if I wanted to be, I couldn’t. They are non living things. Damn! Now may I correct your sentence? “You are just a damn actress” Yes I am! And I’m damn good!”

The actress recently replied to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet where he urges everyone to maintain peace, unity and brotherhood at a time when the nation is witnessing protests against the amended Citizenship Act (CAA).

Replying to PM Modi’s tweet, Renuka had written: “Sir, please ask people to stay away from all your IT cell Twitter handles then. They spread the most amount of rumours, falsehoods and are totally against brotherhood, peace and unity. The real.”tukde tukde” gang is your IT cell sir. Please stop them from spreading hate”.