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RS members for increasing budget of Ayush ministry

RS members for increasing budget of Ayush ministry

Members of the Rajya Sabha on Monday advocated for increasing the budget of the Ayush ministry.
During debate on working of the ministry of AYUSH, the members also called on Government to encourage farmers for cultivation of medicinal plants.

Initiating the debate , Ram Gopal Yadav of the Samajwadi party said that Yoga and unani medicines should not be neglected .

Calling on Government to increase budget of the Ministry, he said,’’last year the allocation to the ministry was just 3 per cent of the total budget allocation. It is a travesty that the Budget of the AIIMS is more than the budget of the entire Ayush ministry. There should be more allocation for the Ayush ministry.’’

Satyanarayan Jatiya of the BJP said that the cooperation of the state governments was important to promote the use of yoga and naturopathy.