SCR Loco Pilots go hi-tech ; join digital band wagon

Published: Oct 20, 2019, 3:32 pm IST

South Central Railway (SCR) marching towards digitalization has taken steps to introduce Android based Tabs (Tablet PCs) in the working of Loco Pilots and reduced the burden on them by implementation of Common Line Box system.

Loco Pilots are vital to the organization and play a key role in train operations.

Generally, Loco Pilots before deploying for duty have to undergo vigorous training on technical and safety aspects like classification of signaling arrangements, working system & trouble shooting of Electric and Diesel engines, road knowledge, track conditions such as caution orders, speed restrictions, up and down routes etc. apart from learning good driving skills.

To update their knowledge while working all the Loco Pilots need to carry reference books like General & Subsidiary Rules, Troubleshooting Manual on Electrical Engines & Diesel Engines, Accident Manual, Working Time Tab and Rough journal for writing the detailed data while on run. During emergencies, Loco Pilots refer to these books to take appropriate action.

All these manuals are weighing around 10 kgs and during emergencies generally Loco Pilots will be in panic situation and searching for the reference manually in the books is time consuming.

In order to provide easy access with single reference, SCR has developed an in-house Android App and loaded the same in the Tablet PC along with all the reference Manuals. Whenever they need any reference on any subject related to their working, Loco Pilot has to simply type the word or sentence of the subject in the search box of the Tablet PCs, to get entire details on that subject.Moreover, it is hardly weighing 300 grams and easy to carry.

Modifications and additions to the existing manuals and rules will be done from one nominated control point and will be automatically updated to all TAB users whenever they come into the purview of Crew Lobby Wi-Fi zone. In addition, E-rough journal is also incorporated in the TABs for entering the voluminous data by the Loco Pilots, which otherwise they used to write manually.

This initiative is both paperless and environment friendly. Presently, Loco Pilots working in Mail, Express and Passenger Trains of Vijayawada Division have been supplied with these Tablet PCs and the response from the Loco Pilots is very positive.

Plans are on hand to supply to all the Loco Pilots on the Zone, a SCR statement here said on Sunday.  (UNI)