Senior JD-U leader wants Nitish to oppose CAA-NPR-NRC

Published: Jan 5, 2020, 7:17 pm IST
Senior JD-U leader wants Nitish to oppose CAA-NPR-NRC

New Delhi, Jan 5:┬áPavan Varma, former Rajya Sabha member and JD-U General Secretary, has written a letter to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar opposing the National Population Register after Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi announced the NPR’s implementation in the state would begin on May 15.

“May I request you to take a principled stand against the CAA-NPR-NRC scheme and reject its nefarious agenda to divide India and to create unnecessary social turbulence. A public statement by you to this effect would be a major step towards preserving and strengthening the idea of India, to which I know you are committed,” Varma said.

The CAA and the NRC were aimed at dividing Hindus and Muslims, and create social instability, he said. “It will also create great hardship to Indians,” Varma wrote.

The JD-U has been hearing dissenting voices against Kumar’s decisions to support the CAA. JD-U Vice-President Prashant Kishore and Varma have opposed the party move.