Shivangi Joshi on what she loves about being an actor

Mumbai:  “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” actress Shivangi Joshi says she loves her profession, and her fans play a huge role in it. On what she loves about being an actor, she said: “It’s the love that we get from our fans which is so gratifying.” However, it can get hectic at times.

“Any profession can be hectic. It totally depends on people and how much time they make for themselves and others. It’s important to make time for yourself in this industry. For example, I still go out for movies and family gatherings after I finish shooting,” she said.

Shivangi adds that the TV industry is a great place to make new friends. “My close friends like Lata Sabharwal and Aditi Bhatia are from the industry. We hang out after pack-up and even chill at each other’s houses when we get the time,” she said.